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Dive into our expansive Summer Programs designed to offer something enriching for every child! From the transformative power of play and creativity to essential social and academic skills advancement, our summer offerings are tailored to empower children of all ages during these sunny months. Be part of an environment where learning meets fun, and every child shines!

Insurance Options

 Our programs are accessible and inclusive. A $100 deposit secures your child’s place, fully refundable after dedicated attendance. For those utilizing insurance, non-attendance deductions apply.

Private Pay Details

A similar $100 deposit is your step towards securing an unforgettable summer experience, with the remaining balance due by June 1, 2024. Every session is an investment in your child’s future!

Week-Long Programs

Little Learners
Group Leader: Karen DeMartino, M.Ed.

Dive into a playful academic journey focused on conversation skills, problem-solving, understanding feelings, and foundational academics like letters, numbers, and calendar skills. Engage in art, music, and movement, fostering a love for learning.

Minecraft Club
Group Leader: Kate Sargent

Explore the creativity-driven world of Minecraft to develop social communication, teamwork, and internet safety. Minecraft-themed activities encourage innovation, problem-solving, and emotional learning in a digital landscape.

Tiny Tasters
Group Leader: Denise Morisseau

Join us in the kitchen for culinary adventures designed to expand palates and introduce new flavors using friendly feeding therapy techniques. This week is all about taste exploration in a fun, supportive environment.

Super Chefs
Group Leader: Erika Hodlin

Learn to bake and cook delightful recipes, focusing on measuring, portioning, and kitchen safety. Enhance socializing and functional math skills while making delicious treats to take home.

Recess Games and Skills
Group Leader: Rosie Ruley

Master the art of play with our recess games skills program. Learn popular game rules, planning for recess activities, and initiating peer interactions, making every recess a successful adventure.

Inside Out Social Club
Group Leader: Kristen Kelly

Dive into the world of emotions with the lovable characters from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Through art, music, storytelling, and role-playing, we’ll navigate feelings and coping strategies with creativity and fun.

Master Builders
Group Leader: Rosie Ruley

Building with Legos, we focus on teamwork, social communication, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. Create, connect, and construct in a collaborative environment.

Save the Drama
Group Leader: Rita Larkin

Step into the spotlight and build confidence through performing arts. Develop emotional understanding, communication skills, and teamwork, culminating in a performance for families.

Crafty Tales
Group Leaders: Jenn Chipman & Erika Hodlin

Building with Legos, we focus on teamwork, social communication, problem-solving, and fine motor skills. Create, connect, and construct in a collaborative environment.

Sensory Squad
Group Leader: Kristen Kelly

Engage all the senses in activities designed to stimulate self-confidence, expressive language, and sensory processing. Explore through crafting and sensory play while learning to navigate social interactions and emotional regulation.

Music and Movement
Group Leaders: Shannon Harper Bison
and Jenn Chipman

Discover the magic of music and movement! This group brings together music therapy and occupational therapy for a unique blend of self-expression, motor skill development, and therapeutic learning.

Weekly Programs

Weekly Boys Social Group
Group Leader: Erika Hodlin

Reinforce essential social skills through engaging summer activities. A relaxed, fun-filled setting ensures that the learning continues, even during the sunny season.

Weekly Girls Social Group
Group Leader: Erika Hodlin

Enjoy the summer while revisiting valuable social skills. This group offers a more laid-back atmosphere, focusing on reinforcing learned social competencies through summer-specific activities.

Teen/Tween Group
Group Leader: Rita Larkin

Designed for pre-teens and younger teens, this group encourages social skill development, life skills, stress management, and friendship development. Activities, discussions, and outings are structured around the interests and needs of the members, fostering a sense of community.

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