School-Age Groups

School-Age Programs

Enhancing Growth Through Meaningful Interaction

Focusing on nurturing school-age children’s social and emotional skills, our programs deliver educational experiences that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, relationship-building, and emotional resilience.

Social-Emotional Skill Building Skills Groups

In addition to the Little Learners program, we also offer specialized Social-Emotional Skill Building Skills Groups. These groups are managed by qualified, licensed professionals and focus on nurturing social pragmatic skills that support overall social success for children.

Skills for social communication are taught through an explicit instruction model, breaking down complex concepts into simple, digestible parts. The skills learned are then generalized to other settings, creating a holistic learning experience for your child. Additionally, we ensure that routines incorporate snack and choice times, allowing friendships to flourish through social coaching and positive reinforcement.

A teacher shows one of her school-age pupils how to play an educational game with a group of her peers.

Level One: Social Emotional Explorers

This curriculum kickstarts the process of social-emotional learning by introducing children to the fundamentals, such as basic emotions recognition, beginner conversation skills, and strategies for meeting new people. Additionally, children are carefully guided through The Zones of Regulation® and We Thinkers!®. Parents receive practical carry-home strategies to facilitate reinforcement of skills at home.

Three school-age students sit together at a table playing a recreational card game.

Level Two: Emergent Social Spies

As children become proficient in basic emotion identification and beginner social skills, they are ready to work on understanding complex emotions like jealousy and embarrassment. Intermediate social skills are also taught, including self-advocacy, cooperative play, and conversational reciprocity. The social thinking curriculum, The Unthinkables®, and The Zones of Regulation® by Michelle Garcia Winner are also introduced at this level.

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Level Two/Three: Emerging Social Masters

This program level extends beyond basic, intermediate, and advanced social skills, guiding children in navigating complex emotions and social scenarios. It delves into advanced concepts like perspective-taking and conversation skills. At this level, children practice theory of mind, and we ensure parents are kept informed with practical strategies to reinforce the skills learned in the group.

A teacher and student play an educational board game together, blending learning with recreational play.

Specialty Programs

To further cater to the diverse needs and interests of our school-age participants, we offer a variety of specialty programs. Find our currently available special programs below:

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Awesome Blossom Girls Group (Ages 6-10)

In Awesome Blossoms, we focus on recognizing both basic and complex emotions in ourselves and others. Through interactive games, role-playing, and various activities, we learn strategies for managing emotions and fostering self-regulation. Our program also specifically addresses anxiety, providing girls with effective coping mechanisms.

A young girl smiles at the camera as she stands with a group of other girls, ready to move to their next class.

Sparkles and Strength Girls Group
(Ages 6-10)

Mirroring the objectives of Awesome Blossom, Sparkles and Strength is another safe space where girls can learn about emotional recognition, management and self-regulation through engaging activities and role plays. The program specifically addresses anxiety, empowering participants to deal with it effectively.

Two school-age girls share a learning tablet.

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