Our Story

Providing Comprehensive Support

Sargent Child and Family Services was founded by Kate Sargent, a dedicated therapist with a passion for supporting children and their families. Kate’s journey began with a dream to provide exceptional care and support using a multidisciplinary approach.

As Kate’s expertise and reputation grew, so did the demand for her services. Over the years, Sargent Child and Family Services evolved into a thriving multidisciplinary team consisting of over 25 therapists. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive services to children aged 0-21 and their families.

We are passionate about our mission to empower children and families by providing comprehensive support and resources. Whether it’s helping a child reach their developmental milestones, supporting families through challenging times, or equipping parents with the tools they need to facilitate their child’s progress, we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.