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Setting the foundation for lifelong learning, our preschool programs prioritize early intervention, fostering skills development in a supportive, structured, and fun setting.

A young pre-k student looks toward the camera while clapping along to an educational song.

Little Learners Preschool Group

Little Learners provides a small, fully integrated group setting for children aged 2.7 through 6 years, fostering social skills, play, and pre-academic development. Led by a certified preschool teacher with 20+ years of experience and supported by a behavior therapist, the program provides children the opportunity to learn social skills in a structured, fully integrated group setting alongside similar-aged peers.

The specially designed classroom and carefully planned, fun activities directly impart key social and pre-academic skills while accommodating individual developmental and sensory needs. Consultation from a BCBA, speech-language pathologist, and occupational therapist is available, with the option for individualized ABA, speech, and OT services after the preschool group for a full day of learning and support. Our unique Lunch Bunch program offers an optional extension to the full classroom experience, providing additional social and developmental learning opportunities.

Availability: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 12 pm

2024-2025 Tuition:

  • 5 days $275/week
  • 4 days $220/week
  • 3 days $165/week
  • 2 days $115/week

** This program may be fully covered by insurance for children with a diagnosis or identified need.

Three young students in pre-k, supervised by a teacher, engage in collaborative play as they create their own art projects out of shared materials.

Beginner Social Emotional Learners

Our Beginner Social Emotional Learners Groups, designed for ages 3-6, focus on teaching readiness skills for group activities. Children in these groups are introduced to the fundamentals of social skills and social-emotional learning in a fun, motivating, and enriching environment.

A teacher plays the guitar while her students clap and sing an educational song together.

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