Tween & Teen Groups

Preschool Programs

Building Relationship Skills, Self-awareness & Confidence

Our tailored Tween & Teen programs are designed to create a secure environment where adolescents can develop social competence, stress management skills, and discover new ways to connect with their peers. By providing a balance of instructional activities, supportive discussions, role-play games, and community outings, we mold our curriculum around the interests and needs of the group members.

Monday Teen Group

This group offers a safe space for teens to connect and engage while practicing their social skills in a facilitated setting. The focus includes enhancing social competence through teaching diverse social perspectives, life skills, friendship development, stress management, and self-awareness. The group’s goals encompass providing opportunities for skill practice, fostering a sense of community among learners, and structuring sessions around interest-based activities, supportive discussions, social coaching, direct instruction, and community outings.

Students and teachers sit together in a lounge area to discuss what they've learned as part of a team-building exercise.

Wednesday Tween Group

This group is dedicated to enhancing social skills for tweens and young teens, with a focus on practicing social interactions, fostering friendships, and developing life skills. The sessions are highly structured, utilizing role-play, games, discussions, and lessons to reinforce and apply these essential social skills.

A group of teens and tweens play cards and eat pizza together as part of a recreational after school program.

Wednesday Teen Group

This group, tailored for older teens, emphasizes skill-building in crucial areas such as relationship development, reciprocal conversation, social problem solving, technology and social media etiquette and safety, cooking, meal preparation, shopping, managing money, and daily chores. The program incorporates interactive games and discussions with lessons. Social skills growth is encouraged through role play and repeated practice, with immediate feedback from both peers and facilitators.

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Bully Busters Group (Ages 10-14)

Bully Busters is dedicated to learning character values and anti-bullying in a fun and safe environment. This group focuses on developing social skills to address bullying proactively. It provides a supportive setting for children to share their experiences, fostering discussions on promoting kindness and acceptance.

A group of teens and tweens put their hands together in a symbol of teamwork.

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